“Through graceful teaching, supportive coaching, and reassuring presence, Linda skillfully guides us to make the truth of the gospel operational. Her analogies,
stories, and summaries make this manual so helpful in applying the gospel of Jesus Christ to the sin and pain of life experiences. This approach to healing is
scripturally simple and simply scriptural." 
Keith E. Yoder, Ed. D., Founder, Teaching the Word Ministries - New Holland, Pennsylvania

"Linda Ingham has masterfully written, Awakened to Life Within.  This book will be a pathway to freedom for many. It is an amazing tool, based on the finished work of the cross, that brings us back to God’s original intention and design for our lives. Using the four simple scriptural steps of; embracing sin and pain, dying to sin and pain, burying sin and pain, and rising to new life, the door is opened for the Holy Spirit to bring wholeness and healing to our lives. Linda explains how pain separates us from our eternal and intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father, from our true selves, and from healthy personal relationships with others. Without these healthy relationships, we cannot discover and walk in our God-given design and destiny. Thank you, Linda, for sharing with us the revelation found in the
pages of this book that leads us into true freedom."
Larry and LaVerne Kreider
Authors and International Director of DOVE International - Lititz, Pennsylvania 


Looking ahead:
Summer 2018, we will be announcing the release of the newly updated and revised manual, Awakened To Life Within, Getting Out and Staying Out Of Pain, using the Gospel Process. We are very excited to launch this as it will be a great resource for EVERYONE. Learn how to journey through life using the Gospel Process Life Style.

Life Awakening



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At Life Awakening, it Is our mission to teach and apply the Gospel through the Holy Spirit to people who want freedom, healing, and restoration from their burdens of pain and sin.

We envision people awakened to walk in righteousness and healthy relationships with God, their true selves, and other people so they can discover and live out their personal destinies.

What Do We Teach?

The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ embraced sin with all of its pain, that He died for it, that He buried it, and that He rose without it.  The Bible also teaches that because believers are "in Christ" they carry His authority, His power, and His presence within them. In carrying this, they can embrace sin and pain, die to it, bury it, and rise without it just like Jesus did. That is Good News; it is called the Gospel! The Gospel Process: Embrace, Die, Bury, Rise is taught in the manual, Awakened to Life Within, Getting Out

and Staying Out of Pain.

This message is carried out through Gospel Process Prayer Ministry Sessions and Gospel Process Training.