Since I have been going to Life Awakening's Kingdom Seekers Bible Study, I have a complete understanding in God's Word and the Bible.  My spirit is awakened due to Life Awakening's continual encouragement and understanding. Today, I walk proudly with Jesus Christ and have a beautiful relationship with God."  Carol W.

"Throughout my life I tried to find solutions to my problems, but 12 Step fellowships and rehab only dealt with the fruit.  Behavior modification is only a temporary fix.  While living in the Life Awakening home for one year, I learned to find and dig out the root causes of the behavior.  Without the root, the fruit cannot grow."  Tara D.

"I have known Linda for almost 20 years.  She leads ladies who come to Life Awakening, as she did 20 years ago, to never waiver in a commitment to God and she teaches women how to go to their Heavenly Father to receive His deliverance, love, and forgiveness for their lives.  God has used this ministry in my journey and for that I am truly thankful!"  Bonnie W.

"I always knew that the Holy spirit was the third Person of the Trinity, but it wasn't until I came to Life Awakening's  (known as Wellspring Garden Ministry when I first came), counseling ministry that I really came to know the healing and cleansing power of the Holy Spirit.  Praise to God for raising up a ministry such as this."  Pat T.

"Life Awakening saved my life.  I came to Life Awakening in 2010 ready to end my life, but through Life Awakening, I learned that the Holy Spirit could get to my pain and I no longer need to carry these burdens as Jesus buried them after dying on the cross.  Therefore, I now have a new life worth living."  Anne M.

Life Awakening opened its doors in 2001 under the name of Wellspring Garden Ministries (WsGM).  It was started by Mrs. Sharon Hershey as a result of struggling through dark valleys with no support or encouragement.  Miss Linda S. Ingham became the Executive Director in 2005.  After a direct Holy Spirit encounter, Linda carried WsGM through a name change to Life Awakening, effective July of 2007. 

From its inception, Life Awakening was a ministry of mentoring, Bible studies, biblical counseling, and groups for ladies from any race, faith, or culture  who needed support and encouragement.  At Life Awakening's First Annual Dinner, on March 23, 2007, Linda shared her God-given vision of having a home where ladies could live for a non-specific period of time to travel through their healing journey at their own pace.  On April 5, 2008, Linda moved into Life Awakening's first property and on September 24, 2008, the first lady moved into Life Awakening's home, expanding its ministry.  Life Awakening has continued its other areas of ministry as noted on the HOME page.


Life Awakening believes in duplication of ministry and does, therefore, want to see the development of training materials and duplication of homes for specific needs.