Mailing address:   P.O. Box 54, Witmer, PA  17585

 Location:   Hills of New Holland

Phone:  717-354-2888



  1.           WHAT WE OFFER :

1.  A healing center where ladies can reside for a period of time in order to receive healing from trauma

     and abuse.

2.  The Kingdom Seekers Community Bible Study.  This is for ladies in the community and

     ladies living in the Life Awakening home.  We are presently studying the book of Hebrews.

     It is held Tuesday mornings from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.

3.  A library for people in the community to borrow books for a limited time period.

4.  A variety of DVD's and CD's on healing which can be watched or listened to in our healing center.

5.  Deliverance/inner healing sessions for ladies in the community.

6.  GED/tutoring classes for men and ladies in the community.

7.  Biblical teaching and ministry presentations at groups, churches, etc.

8.  Educational tools to help people with their pain (See Updates and Education tab).







Yes, welcome to Life Awakening's website!  We are very glad that you are interested in learning more of what God has done and is doing on behalf of ladies who have been abused, traumatized, and hurt.  Life Awakening exists for those special and extraordinary ladies, from any race, culture, or faith, who are brave enough to visit their pain and learn to take authority over it.  In learning to do that, they can discover truths about and be in relationships with God, people, and their true selves, including the unique destiny that the King of this universe placed within them.  Take your time and browse through this site and please email or call us if you have any questions!  Blessings to you, and we hope that you have a good day today walking in God's truth - after all, you are designed to live in His truth.  -- Miss Linda S. Ingham, Executive Director